From the Chief Executive Officer

At Biogen, we hold ourselves to a very high standard of business and professional conduct. As a result, our patients, partners, and shareholders continue to trust our products and services. Our reputation as a trusted leader in bringing innovative therapies to market that improve patients’ lives is driven by five core values that guide all that we do:
Care.  Courage.  Integrity.  Excellence.  Inclusion.

This Code of Business Conduct describes how we put these core values into action. It explains our commitment to excellence in all that we do for patients, caregivers, shareholders, our community, and our colleagues. It also provides guidance to employees and everyone who works on Biogen’s behalf.

The following eight business principles are equally critical to our success as a company.

  • We respect patients
  • We respect healthcare professionals
  • We work together as a team
  • We are fair and honest
  • We are responsible to our communities
  • We are transparent
  • We protect our information and assets
  • We never compromise our integrity

Individually, and as members of the Biogen team, we are all responsible for applying these business principles every day.  While our commitment and our responsibilities are clear, sometimes it is difficult to know what to do in certain situations. Our Code of Business Conduct provides resources to help you understand our standards and expectations, to help you exercise sound judgement and make good choices for the Company, for our patients and customers, and for yourself.

Any success that we achieve, if not achieved ethically, is no success at all. Thank you for being a part of the Biogen team and upholding our values.

From the Board of Directors and Executive Management

Since our founding in 1978, Biogen has had a strong scientific heritage driven by curiosity, innovation and an unwavering focus on developing new products to help our patients and customers. The culture and values that have enabled us to succeed as a biotechnology leader extend beyond our laboratories. They are embodied in our Core Values and Core Behaviors and are the foundation of everything we do.

As an employee of Biogen, you have been afforded the opportunity to be part of a company that has improved countless lives. With that privilege comes the responsibility to meet the highest level of ethical and legal standards. The company expects this of you, as do the patients and customers we serve.

While our commitment to the highest standards is clear, doing the right thing in today’s complex business environment can be a challenge. That is why we believe meeting our high standards is a shared responsibility. Every day we must collaborate and work together as a team to help one another meet this challenge, make good decisions, and protect our reputation as a company that cares.

Our Code of Business Conduct is a tool for you to use to apply our Core Values and Core Behaviors to specific situations that you may face.

Remember, our reputation and the trust that others put in us are the most valuable assets we have. They must be earned anew each day and protected with utmost care. We are committed to always act with integrity and honesty and to remain true to our heritage and the promise of our future. We are all responsible for Biogen.

The quality of our people and our commitment to ethics and compliance will not only enable us to succeed today but will help us to thrive and excel. Working together, with the help of this Code, we will not only meet our goals, but we will also continue to be proud of how we achieve success.

From the Chief Compliance Officer

The challenge of meeting our ethics and compliance responsibilities in today’s business environment is complex. Our Code of Business Conduct provides guidance to help you make the right ethical decisions while conducting business on behalf of Biogen. In addition to the Code of Business Conduct, our compliance program provides you with many resources to help you to do right thing. We provide ethics and compliance training, policies, standard operating procedures and many other tools. We have Compliance Officers located in our businesses throughout the world who are available to discuss issues or concerns. We also maintain the Compliance Helpline, which is available by phone or online 24 hours a day.

The Company’s commitment to the Code and our Values is high. Our Board of Directors continues to oversee our compliance program, which is led by the Corporate Compliance Committee comprised of senior officers of the Company. In addition, your manager, and the employees of Corporate Compliance, Human Resources and the Legal departments all stand ready to help.

Read through the new Code of Business Conduct and please feel free to contact me, or any of the other resources listed, at any time if you have questions or concerns.