No guidelines, no matter how detailed, can possibly anticipate all of the challenges we may face on the job. That is why there are specific policies we can use when we have questions about business conduct. Biogen's Code of Business Conduct serves as our baseline standard and as a quick guide to our policies, including frequently asked questions. The Code is not intended to be an exhaustive description of the Company's policies. Supplementary information on a number of topics may be found by referring to the global corporate policies that you will find referenced throughout the Code.

In addition, be sure to consult your country specific policies and procedures related to each of the sections referenced in the Code. If your questions are not fully addressed by these policies, your next step should be to discuss your questions with your manager or another resource.

Other Biogen Resources:

  • Corporate Compliance Department, including your Compliance Officer
  • Human Resources Department
  • Legal Department

You can use any of these resources when you need clarification of policies, or assistance in dealing with "gray areas" or when you are concerned about possible violations of our Code, policies, applicable laws or regulations.